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Chloe’s Closet: Day 10

I did laundry today. But just my towels, and my paint clothes from the Festival of Colors. Oh, and I also washed the little nylon socks I use for tap class because I only have a few pairs…and I need them for my tap class…but that’s all. So no worries, Chloe’s Closet is still going strong!

My dear roommate Nicole took my pictures today!

That shirt? I got on clearance from Shade.
Those jeans? I got on sale at Kohl’s.
Those Crocs? I got them from the Solis’ for my birthday a few years ago.
That choker necklace? I made it a long time ago.
That long necklace? Sheila got it for me from Charming Charlie.
That button earring? I made it about a year ago.
That zipper earring? I got it on clearance at Claire’s a few years ago.
Those bracelets? Some I made, some I just have from who-knows-where.
Those hair clips? I’ve had those for quite some time.

And I took these pictures…..

As for this picture, I just thought it was a cool perspective:

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 9

Carolyn took my pictures today…we went with a Spice Girls pose theme…

Ginger Spice

Scary Spice

Baby Spice

Sporty Spice

and Posh Spice

and because I love this skirt so much…(I made it by the way)…I want you to see the fringe close up….it’s pretty cool…you can hear when I’m coming…or going….

And there’s my outfit for today!

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 8

Kenzie took my pictures today! I wanted one sitting down like this…

Then she told me to stand up…

Then she told me to stand up straight…

Then she told me to do a cowboy pose. So I put my hand like I was holding a cowboy hat and moved my feet apart a bit. But she did something else…so I copied her…(except my face is not lookin’ too happy…?)….

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 7

Today’s outfit….Jenna took the pictures and had me stand on a chair!

That skirt? I made it. That shoe on my left foot? It was $2.50 ($5 for the pair).

And you should know that my socks are pretty cool….

The Cheshire cat and…Kermit the frog 🙂

oh and my eyes! look!

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 6

My dearest roommate Kenzie took my pictures for today…

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 5

Today I had two different outfits….

Here’s outfit #1 BEFORE the festival of colors…well, we already have SOME colors, but you get the point….

And here’s the picture AFTER the festival of colors…

But when I got home I put on my real outfit…..for the night….

So now I’m off to Collin Nicholas’ birthday party! What a busy, fun day!

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 4

We had a field trip today for my Dinosaurs class up to Spanish Fork Canyon! So we had to wear jeans, shoes we can get dirty, and a long-sleeved shirt….SO I DID!

By the way…I also got this shirt for $3 from Old Navy =)

But I a few hours before class, I got an email that said…..

My truck conked out on me in the Uinta Basin and I won’t make it back in time for class today.  So, no field trip today – we will do it next Friday.

I apologize for not being able to take you into the field …  and for buying a Ford truck.

Dr. Britt

SO I HAD THREE HOURS TO SPARE! So of course I took my $10 Kohl’s Cash and went to Kohl’s….And I looked at all the clearance….and after about 20 minutes, I found what I wanted! A sparkly purple scarf! And it’s not a scarf that’d keep ya warm…it’s more for decoration, and it is good for all seasons! And it was only $2.40!! And it was originally $24!! And then I saw a gray one…and then I saw a black one…and then I saw a dark blue one…so of course I got them all, since I had $10 Kohl’s Cash to spend!

Here’s them….

Dude…I paid NOTHING for those….in fact, I still have 40 cents in Kohl’s Cash to spend!

Who the heck would pay 24 bucks for one of those scarves?!


Look how much I saved! $96!

And that’s my outfit (and my cool finds) today!


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Chloe’s Closet: Day 3

Today was Collin’s birthday, so I helped him celebrate by putting this up at his apartment…

(that’s me trying to reach Jimmer…not Collin…haha)

Here’s my outfit for today!

My shirt? Oh, that. I got it for $3 at Old Navy =) Be jealous.


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Chloe’s Closet: Day 2

Today was a pretty good day…wanna see what I was wearing?!

(These swing pics were taken by my sweet roommate Becca…)

(I’m on the phone with Raspbana while I’m on the swing….she’s so wonderful!)


(if you’re a cool Palethorpe, you know what “Junas” means…)

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 1

I haven’t washed clothes for a few weeks….I have waaaay more clothes than I need. I’ve washed essentials, but not my regular clothes. My roommates have had fun seeing how long I can go without washing clothes, but I’ve decided to start over and take pictures every day! I wish I woulda thought of that the first time! But I wasn’t planning on doing this originally….SO….anyways…

Today I washed all my clothes. 7 loads of laundry. And it’s 75 cents to wash…and 75 cents to dry….but at least a lot of my clothes hang dry, so I only had 4 dryer loads…anyways.

I am going to try to go through all my clothes before washing them…and I’ll be taking pictures each day and blogging them…so enjoy! I’m calling it “Chloe’s Closet”.

Every week, I WILL wash a load of clothes, though. That will consist of socks, undershirts, underwear, leggings, etc. But my main clothes, like my shirts, skirts, pants, shorts, dresses, etc…will not be worn more than once! Oh and I only have a few pairs of jeans, so I will also be washing those periodically because there are some shirts that don’t look good with skirts (which is my favorite to wear), so I have to wear them with jeans (which i only have a few pairs of).

So let the journey begin!

Here’s what I wore today….

But then I realized I didn’t have my shoes on…so I put them on and took this picture so you could see ’em…

So that’s day 1! Let’s see how long I can do this for…..let’s see what Chloe’s Closet holds!


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