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Do You Want Some Sick-Awesome Shoes?

Taco gave me some white shoes to decorate for her…and here’s what I did with ’em….

here’s the front of ’em…

here’s the outside of the right shoe….

here’s the inside of the left shoe…

here’s the inside of the right shoe…

here’s the outside of the left shoe….

here’s the back of them….

I think they turned out AWESOME! I kinda wanted to keep them…but I didn’t…because they had HER name on them…haha

If you want me to make you some, give me $10 and some white shoes like these! They’re just the Mossimo Supply Co brand…from Target. They’re all fabric that I colored on….it was awesome. Oh and if you want some, I’ll not only need $10 and the shoes, but I’ll also need to know some things that you like.


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great news!

Thanks in great part to all of your support, help and contributions, a legal case has finally been filed to help bring some resolution to my family’s situation! This is great news, but it is a long road. My mom and the children still need our help until some temporary orders can be established, hopefully within the next few weeks.

Please see the How to Help page on the website ( for ideas of what you can do, but here are a few new suggestions of her current needs:

If you have been looking for a way to help directly, my two teenage brothers who are currently living at home with my mom could use some back-to-school items.

They would greatly appreciate gift card to stores like Old Navy, Target, Walmart etc, or if you have teenagers that might have outgrown their clothing and are ready to donate:

For Tanner –
Jeans: 30 x 32, prefers straight slim fit, but not skinny jeans
Shirts: Mens’ Small
Shoes: Size 9 – 9 1/2

For Torin –
Jeans: Size 16, also prefers straight let slim fit, but not skinny jeans
Mesh Athletic Shorts in a Men’s Small (28-30)
Shirts: Men’s Small or Boys XL
Shoes: Size 9

Both boys prefer no show socks.

Both boys will need various school supplies for middle/high school:
Pens, pencils, notebooks, binders, dividers, highlighters, map pencils, etc.

My mom also could use some help with home repair issues. The house is in serious need of some repair work. Please contact us if you are able to donate an hour to help my mom with house/yardwork. She also is in need of a plumber and an A/C repair person if you happen to have either of those skills!

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