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so we went swimming yesterday (with the kids I nanny), and my brother Torin came with us. HE’S FOURTEEN NOW!!! So we were swimming, and I saw that he had armpit hair! So I was like “Torin! You’re getting so big! You have armpit hair! Hold up your arms! Lemme see!” So, of course, he got all embarrassed and put his arms down…and … See Morethen Clara (the 6-year-old) was like “I wanna see!” and I went up to him and gave him a big dramatic hug and was like “aw! my widdle bwudder is gwowing up!”

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A Way You Can Help

Plenty of people have suggested that I do some sort of fundraiser for my mom, and when I talked to my mom yesterday I found out that she has like NO MONEY….She cannot afford an attorney, the electricity bill, or even food sometimes…so I’ve started a paypal account so if you want, you can make an anonymous donation ……to help me help my siblings. Here’s the website to go to if you’re interested in helping.


Oh, and you DON’T need a paypal account to donate! Go to the website below and it’ll tell you how to do it.

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On Wednesday, June 2nd, my dad picked up my 3 youngest siblings from school early, and has not been seen since. He will not tell anyone where they are, and we need help finding them!!!

If you see ANY of them, tell me ASAP!!! There IS an ongoing case with CPS against my dad, and we just need to find them. He has been court-ordered to stay away from my brother Tanner for something he did to him, and who knows what will happen next. It’s a big nightmare, and I’m asking for help here. So just keep a look out, PLEASE!

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