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Adventures With My Taco

…..and by “my taco”…I mean Ikpeaku.

So a few weeks ago, we went and did another one of her photoshoots. We went to Costco for dinner that night (their food is SOOOSOSOSOSOSO GOOD!!!)….

….and we were sitting there innocently eating our yummy food, and this guy that works there came up and asked Ikpeaku what kind of camera she had (it was hanging around her neck). She looked at it and said “Canon” and then he started talking about Canon cameras….and the rest of his life. He was talking to Ikpeaku, and I was kind of facing away from him because of the way the tables were set up. We learned a lot about him….for example:
-his son doesn’t make enough money as a photographer
-his daugher’s husband is rich
-his wife is in Hawaii and he’s here getting paid very well…..$18.50/hr!!! And on Sundays, he gets double…..$29!!!!
-he’s been working there since they opened in 2001
-his birthday is coming up on June 2….he told Ikpeaku to ask how old he is. She said “37” and he laughed and said “double” so she said “47” and he said “71”…this man is 71 years old.
-something about a timeshare around the world…I think that has to do with his wife being in Hawaii or something….
-His name is Jeff
-he has a degree in transportation from Mississippi State
-He worked for Delta Airlines for 30 years

He also told us some more stuff…but I was too busy saying things to Ikpeaku to make her laugh to pay attention to Jeff…..he was kinda annoying…whenever there was a stopping spot in the conversation when a person would usually just walk away, he’d start talking about something else…..*sigh*

Jeff talked to us for MORE THAN 20 minutes.


It’s always an adventure with my Taco.

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 I’ve always made my own homemade cards, and a friend suggested that I try to sell some. I have a hard time with that, because I always want to keep everything I make because I’m so proud of it!

But anyways….so now I’m going to try to sell some on

Hopefully it’ll go well and I’ll be able to make a few extra bucks for college

Here’s the first card I listed…


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Funny Stuff

Clara: We went to Vegas for my birthday!
Ikpeaku: No way! Really?
Me: Yep.
Ikpeaku: That’s off the chain! That’s CRAZY!
Clara: No, it was fun.

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Quick Update

It’s been so long because I’ve had so much to do and not enough desire to do it all!

But anyways…here’s some highlights…

I’m officially going to girl’s camp! I’m a stake leader! An assistant stake leader! How fancy is that??…I’m in charge of all the certification…and I get to do all the “trashy” jobs and errands that Raspbana and nuTTa buTTa don’t wanna do…YAY!!

My two favorite songs right now are:
Zombie by The Cranberries
The Icicle Melts by The Cranberries

My uncle is out of jail!

I’ve been with Lukie all weekened…it’s been a blast! The girls went with their mom to Vegas to spend time with their dad, who’s on his big motorcycle trip. We’re about to leave to go get the 3 girls from the airport!

My date with BF2 is this Saturday! We’re very excited!

I’ve been busting my butt with biology lately….my class is almost over. I’m taking my final tomorrow!

Simon recently returned from visiting my Grandma!


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