Explanation of last post…

Okay so obviously everyone is busy…and so was I…which is why I’m JUST NOW explaining my last post….they’re not in chronological order, really….

So….dog park “swim”………..Lucas and I went to the dog park today with Michelle and her dog Jake. It’s the one off clay road and hwy 6…I’d never been there before…but it was really nice! I just put my camera, phone, and car key in my pocket so I didn’t have to carry  my purse. Smart, huh?! Anyways…there’s this little “lake” that the dogs like to go in…and pee in….and catch balls in. Going into the pond is this cement border…it’s slanted into the pond straight from the grass. The water is blue…like dyed blue…like it looks like it’d stain you if you got in. And there’s fish and turtles in it…basically, gross. As we all know (well now you know), Lucas is obsessed with water…agua…”ooo-ah”….so he naturally wanted to go touch the water, but I wouldn’t let him. Michelle pointed out a turtle on the other side of the pond, so we were going to walk around to the other side and show it to Lucas. But on the way over, as Michelle was trying to control Jake (what a joke, haha without Adam, Jake listens to squat. We learned that), Lucas decided he would touch the water whether I wanted him to or not. So I turn around and Lucas is in the lake….submerged underwater…so naturally I FREAK and go in after him…I’m walking into the pond on the cement thing…and once I hit the water I slip. ALGAE. GROSS. But I grabbed Lucas and held him up, and then tried to gain my balance because the bottom was so slippery! It was much deeper than it looked! It was up to my bellybutton, basically! So I handed Lucas to Michelle, bracing myself on the cement with my knee…it’s so slippery! It took me like 10 seconds to get out…I know it’s a short time…but it was a long time! When I do, Lucas is freaking out, naturally. He’s SOAKED. And so am I. With gross water. I have Michelle take my phone, camera, and keys out of my pocket…by some miracle, my key still worked, my camera still worked, and my phone WASN’T EVEN WET!!! I love small miracles. I love the Lord. So I’m conforting Lucas, trying to decide what to do….I have a change of clothes for him in the car, as usual, but we’d only been at the park for THREE MINUTES, so I decided that we’d dry off in the sun and change when we left. Naturally, Lucas fell quite a few times while we were there, and because he was wet, the dirt stuck to him…all over. And this boy is a clean freak like you don’t even know…he was quite disturbed by all the dirt on his clothes. BUT there were dogs there and that seemed to distract him for quite some time! We were there for about an hour, then we went to Luke’s house and changed him…and then went to my house and I changed….here’s some pics from the dog park…

This is us all wet…and that’s the gross pond behind us…

This is Lukie all dirty…

This is me, Luke, and Jake…

And here we have Michelle giving Jake a bath before we leave…

And this is Luke and I watching Michelle give Jake a bath before we leave…

OKAY now on to the next explanation…

So….”your breath smells like meat”……that night, I was at institute. It was our last day, and Brother Strader brought pizza rolls for dinner! Apparently at Double Daves, the pizza rolls are 75 cents each on Tuesdays! YUM! So anways, I was thirsty…so I went into the hallway to get a drink of water….and I saw my brother Tanner! Nobody was around, so I knew I wouldn’t embarrass him if I make a big deal of it…so I hugged him real tight and told him I loved him and gave him a big kiss and told him that I missed him so much! And then he said “your breath smells like meat”, so I said “that’s because I just ate meat. We had pizza rolls”, to which he responded…in a low voice…”i just ate a baby”……to which I laughed and told him I missed him more!

So….Michelle changed at institite…but not really……so here’s what happened. I walked in (on the last day of class), and said hi, and Michelle had changed drastically! Michelle and I always sit in the same spots (oh, we’re talking about Michelle Cue…not Michelle Bonneaux), and in her spot was a completely different person! I was incredibly confused until I realized it was a new person…it’s funny that a new person would show up on the LAST DAY of institute…but she turned out to not be Michelle, lol. I think her name was Stephanie…but I could be wrong…I probably am…but she was really nice, I liked her!

So…Siobhan dress at mall………Michelle (Bonneaux), Eryn (Michelle’s sister), Michael (Eryn’s baby), Lucas, and I went to Memorial City mall to find some new clothes for Michelle. While were at Forever XXI, I FREAKED because in the clearance section was Siobhan’s dress! One of the dresses she wore a few weeks ago on American Idol! She’d bought it at Forver XXI and I could look just like her for only $9.99 plus tax! So of course I had to try it on…the largest size they had was one size smaller than my size, but I had to try it on just to see……….

Here’s Siobhan…. 










And here’s me….



Except for the fact that I have my pants on underneath…….MATCHY MATCHY! But it was too small…I was quite uncomfortable in that dress…and they didn’t have my size…my dream was about to come true and then it was SMASHED. But I was still so happy!

So……Lucas and Michael best buddies……they are so cute together! We push their strollers side-by-side and they are always reaching at eachother and sharing toys and it’s so cute!

Lukie kept kissing Michael’s arm…so cute!!!!!!!

So…..Bobby at mall…….When I worked at Build-A-Bear at Willowbrook Mall, one of my managers was Bobby…and we’re great friends now! Anyways, while we were at the mall (Memorial City Mall, remember?), we were walking by Build-A-Bear, and I was pretty confused…I saw Bobby working…….so I went in and said hi….it was so weird that he was at a different one! It turns out he’s working for someone who’s out for a while….but it was just so odd to see him at a different Build-A-Bear!!!

So…..t-shirts……..today the girls and I made our t-shirts! Mine said “I (heart) Siobhan Magnus” (like the I (heart) NY t-shirts)…and on the back it has a picture of Siobhan….it’s the picture I put in this post earlier about the dress…Clara’s says the same thing on the front, but she didn’t want a picture on the back….and Lukie’s is the same as mine, but on the back, his also says “Ask me what Siobhan says!”…because if you ask him what Siobhan says…he screams like her…I taught him well..!! Natalie made one that said “I (heart) Crystal Bowersox” and had a picture of Crystal on the back…Natalie also made one for her friend Hanaa that said the same thing, but had a different picture of Crystal  the back….THEY’RE SUCH AWESOME SHIRTS!!!

So……studying for biology…I studied for biology MORE today.

So…..battle wounds……..I got home from institute at about 9:30 and I FINALLY had the opportunity to shower and get all that nasty pond stuff off myself! But I discovered something….battle wounds! On my left knee (the one I used to hoist myself out of the pond, since it was so slippery), I had owies. And they stung when they were wet! I don’t know how I didn’t notice them earlier, but I’m glad that they didn’t hurt all day! And all down my leg was scratches and red bumps from when I dragged myself out….how nice. The owies on my knee still hurt…I can’t kneel down on my left knee…or it KILLS!!!

So…..voting for american idol…..I had Danielle text me the number to call to vote for Siobhan….because I WANNA VOTE FOR MY HERO SIOBHAN! So right after institute, I called. A lot. I just kept the phone in my hand and dialed and hung up and then pushed redial, etc. When I got home, I looked up the number to call for Cyrstal (she’s my second hero =D), and I started calling back-and-forth for both of them. I couldn’t call while I was in the shower, of course…so I lost some valuable votes there…but I was faithful! I counted later…I had voted 30 times for Siobhan and 19 times for Crystal…….it felt like to many more, though!

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  1. Lorraine Morris

    WOW, that was quite a day, indeed! I sure hope you two don’t catch anything from that pond water…YUK!

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