Chelsea’s Wedding

Congrats Chelsea!

Chelsea’s wedding was incredibly beautiful. It was the PERFECT day for an outdoor wedding.

While we were at the table, Frances found a new best friend..they were very close….it was a little ladybug…and I felt left out so I got made a rock be my friend. =)

I want everyone to wear Converse to my wedding also…

There was a very nice lady at the table with us…..there was a funny part of the conversation….she asked why so many people had “those shoes on” so we told her you were supposed to wear Converse. On the invitation, it said “bring your Converse”…when we explained that…she was like “Oh! I thought it meant bring your CONVERSATION!” lol it was great…

There were two disposable cameras at each table…each camera had about 35 pictures! So since that was A LOT of pictures…Frances and I went around the place and took lots of pics of ourselves….on Chelsea’s disposable cameras AND on my camera!

Frances and I got married to eachother at one point..

There were bubbles that you were supposed to blow on the bride…so I did that quite a bit…it was a lot of fun! I was like the only one doing it, though =( oh well! It was fun! And Chelsea seemed to enjoy it!

Chelsea got Frances to hold her half-eaten strawberry…
And then I ate some of it…
And then gave her the rest…
And she ate the rest of it…

I made Mrs. Karen dance…..she secretly loved it…

My Chel-c-ann-grace Trlica is now Chel-c-ann-grace Herrington!

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