Doctor’s Office

So Luke and I are in the waiting room at the doctor and there was this lady….and here’s our conversation…

Me: I like your pants!
Her: Thanks!
Me: You’re welcome! They look comfortable, too!
Her: They are! I bought them in two colors since they were so great!
Me: That’s great!
Her: I got them in black and these gray ones.
Me: Nice!
Her: Oh and another time I found some shoes that were so cute and SO comfortable, so I bought a black pair and a brown pair.
Me: I love it when that happens!
Her: I got dressed for work one day and I was on my way to work and I stopped to get coffee. I was standing in line and I looked down and I had on my blue slacks and a brown shoe and a black shoe!!
Me: Oh man…!
Her: So I hurried and went home and changed my shoes, it was horrible!
Me: Yeah….

And that was our conversation…please note…I have two different shoes on…as usual…I don’t think she noticed…it was great…


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4 responses to “Doctor’s Office

  1. *chuckles* people are too funny…why do you wear different shoes? : ]

    • I’ve been wearing different shoes for YEARS AND YEARS. lol. You see, I have like 30 pairs of Converse and I just mix-and-match them depending on my outfit….it’s a blast!

  2. Lorraine Morris

    love it!

  3. Kristin

    Ummmm… Chloe… I only know you to wear two different shoes… It’s part of who you are. It’s in your DNA. I will say that I have NEVER seen you match… and that is one of many things that I love about you.

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