Crazy Dreams

So I always have crazy dreams…that make no sense…so here’s what I can remember from my dream last night…

[this will be very jumpy and hard to follow…so don’t try to understand any of it…because I don’t even understand it all]

At one point I was taking of Preston’s bandages because Sarah was busy and I really wanted to…..Preston was in the other room and I was with Raspbana sitting on someone’s bed and Sarah was in a different room doing something. Preston wanted his bandages off, so I went and took them off because Raspbana told me I could after I begged her….and as far as the bandages go…I’m not talking band-aids. I’m talking those ace bandages…the ones that wrap. He had one on each leg between his knee and ankle…and he had two on each arm…..and for some reason I really wanted to take them off….I dunno. He wanted them off so I helped him out, apparently!

oh and just FYI this whole dream takes place at girl’s camp……

at one point in the dream I’m at Disney World with Shell, Natalie, Clara, and Lucas. Natalie and Clara want to go on this one ride but Lucas can’t go so Shell said she’d stay behind with him and I can take the girls. So we get tickets and then walk up to the entrance of the ride. On the large walkway to the entrance, there’s statues and stuff you can take pictures with, so we try to get pictures but everybody is not letting us take any, so we walk over to our friend Hannah Montana and start talking to her. (yes. Hannah Montana.) Apparently we’re close friends or something because it turns out we’re the only one that knows her secret about her double life! It looks like I’m quite special in this dream! Anyways, this lady walks up that runs the ride and asks for our tickets and then the 4 of us (me, Clara, Natalie, and Hannah) get scared because we think this lady know Hannah’s secret so we run! That’s all I remember from that part…odd…i know.

Another part of my dream, I was at my apartment (apparently I have an apartment) (in the dream it was Cox Apartments…the ones I’ll be living in at BYU this coming year…but it’s funny because I don’t even know what they look like yet I’m having a dream about it…anyways), and it was really small. I had just moved in, and I had 3 roomates…Natalie, Clara, and Sarah Nicholas. And apparently my apartment is at girl’s camp, because this whole dream was taking place at camp. So the 4 of us (that lived there) were watching TV (I can’t remember what we were watching), and then a bunch of girls from the stake come in for some activity and Clara decides that she wants ice cream. But I tell her we don’t have any since we had just moved in. But then all of a sudden my friend Alyson Paxman (where’d she come from??) tells me that she bought ice cream and it’s in the freezer…but then I tell them we don’t have any bowls so I start looking for a cup and I find styrofoam bowls, so we used those. I started dishing up the ice cream, and then Sarah informs me that I better not be getting ice cream for everyone because they don’t live here. So I dish up ice cream for Natalie, Sarah, Clara, and I, and then Clara says that we need sprinkles. So I go to get sprinkles and then I start crying because all my sprinkles are gone. So Sarah comes and gives me a hug and pulls a thing of sprinkles out of her pocket, and says that she has some! So the 4 of us eat our ice cream while everyone else just stares at us…that’s all I remember about that.

OH and another part… Shell’s bed was at camp…and it didn’t look anything like her bed in real life….it was way different. It was a twin bed with eeyore sheets and an eeyore pillow and an eeyore comforter. So Raspbana and I were sitting on the bed and so was someone else I don’t know. We were playing some card game, I don’t know which one, and for some reason I had to go somewhere and when I got off the bed, Raspbana picked up the pillow off the bed and said “oh look! read this quote under the pillow!”…and that’s all I remember about THAT part…

That’s all I can remember for now….crazy…I know…

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