That’s right!

So I’m reading my textbook for my biology class…I finish chapter 6 and I’m reading over the “Critical Thinking” section at the end of the chapter. We’re not required to do it, but I like to look at it……and this was question #6….

6. Only about eight classes of pigment molecules are known, but this limited group gets around. For example, photoautotrophs make carotenoids, which move through food webs, as when tiny aquatic snails graze on green algae and then flamingos eat the snails. Flamingos modify the carotenoids. Their cells split beta-carotene to form two molecules of vitamin A. This vitamin is the precursor of retinol, a visual pigment that converts light energy to electric signals in the eyes. Beta-carotene gets dissolved in fat under the skin. Cells that give rise to bright pink feathers take it up. Research another organism to identify sources for pigments that color its surfaces.

YEAH. flamingos. they’re taking over the world. well, my world. And question six from the critical thinking section of chapter 6 in my biology textbook.

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