Normal? Abnormal?

I got home from work today and Ikpeaku was here. I went upstairs and was working on something on my computer. Ikpeaku comes in and she’s standing behind me and…

Ikpeaku: Whoa, are you wearing jeans?
Chloe: yeah.
Ikpeaku: Wait…you’re wearing jeans?
Chloe: yes.
Ikpeaku: can you do that?
Chloe: yep.
Ikpeaku: well stand up! let me see!
(I stand up)
Ikpeaku: WOW! It’s like you have legs!
Chloe: uhm…
Ikpeaku: DANG! jeans? on YOU??
Chloe: yep. I only own two pairs. it’s not very often you see this.
Ikpeaku: I know! I’ve NEVER seen you in jeans!
(we walk out of my awesome room)

Okay so then I’m turning on the TV to record American Idol, and she’s about to go down the stairs, and…

Ikpeaku: do your socks match?
Chloe: (looks down at socks) yeah.
Ikpeaku: your socks match?
Chloe: apparently.
Ikpeaku: wow! what’s your problem today?
Chloe: nothing!
Ikpeaku: Are you okay?
Chloe: yeah
Ikpeaku: are you feeling okay?
Chloe: yes!
Ikpeaku: are you sure?
Chloe: yes!!

Haha i confuse people when i wear jeans and matching socks. it’s great.

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One response to “Normal? Abnormal?

  1. Tricia

    I’m so confused and I didn’t even SEE this crazy event!!!!

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