Okay so I love cooking with Shell! I always look forward to our cooking night each week! Today we made Italian Beef Soup, Sweet Cornbread, and Lemon Delight.

We started with the cornbread…and while that was cooking, we made the soup.

Oh, and if you’re ever cooking and you’re not sure what to do…just add a little extra for good luck =) That’s our way of doing things!

Okay so we were eating dinner…and it was delicious! Bill has yet to find a good cornbread recipe, he claims, but I think we’ve found one! It was so delicious!!! And sweet…thus the name “sweet cornbread”

After dinner we began to make the dessert, as usual. Shell is by the microwave and I’m on the other side of the kitchen….and she is about to melt the butter in the microwave. So she opens the microwave and she says “why is there butter in the microwave?” and she proceeds to take out a bowl of butter……and I said “oh, that was for the cornbread” and we laughed as usual, and said our usual “we just won’t tell anyone.” And here I am telling someone. If only you knew of the many other “we just won’t tell anyone” moments….

But the thing is…the cornbread was delicious! So I can only imagine how much BETTER it will be next time when I actually remember to take the melted butter OUT of the microwave and put it INTO  the cornbread mixture!

*sigh* i love us. Shell + Chloe = the perfect chef duo

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