Day Making

Today was wonderful once again.

I made Raspbana’s day.

Lauren Rowbotham made my day.

Here’s why… last night I texted Raspbana and asked what she was doing…and she told me she was preparing a lesson…so naturally I asked for what…and she said for Relief Society. She’s teaching for someone…but anyways…so she told me that she was having a hard time getting it to come all together. And then she said that if only she had my lemon cookie recipe, then it wouldn’t matter what she said because everyone would be enjoying the cookies instead of listening to her speaking…but she KNOWS that my lemon cookie recipe is secret! So I wished her luck with her lesson and that was all.

Well, that wasn’t REALLY all. So on my way home I stopped by Kroger and got the ingredients for my lemon cookie recipe. Then I got home and asked Sheila how she felt about skipping church to make cookies! She clearly wanted more information…so I explained…and she obliged.

SO. The next morning we went to church as usual…and after sacrament meeting we rushed back home to make cookies. We showed up at Tomball ward with the cookies……but we had to wait like 10 minutes until their Sunday School got out….so we were waiting in front of the Relief Society room. Meanwhile, a couple people walk by that Sheila knows….and a couple people that I know…and some lady that walked by (neither of us knew her) and was telling us how amazing our outfits were. We felt pretty cool. But that’s probably because we ARE pretty cool. Anyways, and I also saw Preston. He was walking down the hall and I saw him as he turned the corner, so I waved to him and he looked at me incredibly confused and waved slowly…it was great. And then I saw Evan and he seemed less surprised to see me. SO then Raspbana came up and I was SO EXCITED! I showed her the cookies, and SHE became quite excited also! She said I made her day. She tends to say that quite often…

Anywho… as for Raspbana’s lesson….PUT MINE TO SHAME. Seriously! I really loved it. I felt quite inadequate….why can’t I teach like that??

The cookies were a HUGE HIT. But not as big as her lesson, for sure!

So when I got home, I watched some of the Olympics, and then I made dinner. After we ate a DELICIOUS meal, I headed over to the Nicholi.

I had a great time over there, naturally. It’d been WAY TOO LONG. I hadn’t been there for WEEKS and I’d almost forgotten how much I loved it….but I didn’t forget! I said almost…

I had so much fun with Preston and Evan once again. At one point, the three of us were on the floor laughing hysterically about who-knows-what, and once I had composed myself, Raspbana said something along the lines of “when you met me, you didn’t know what you were getting yourself into, did you?” AND I basically said “yeah but I love it!” AND the thing is….it’s so true. When I met Raspbana,  I didn’t know that I would be having the time of my life at the Nicholi with two new “brothers”. ALSO, when I met Raspbana, I did not know that I would soon lose any opportunity to spend time with my own brothers. Having lost my favorite thing in the world (my siblings), it’s absolutely wonderful to have the Nicholi to spend time with. When I’m playing with Preston and Evan, it’s like I’m getting the opportunity to play with Ethan, Tanner, Torin, Quentin, Brigdon, and Sevannah. It makes me so sad that I don’t get so see them. But it makes me so happy to know that I have the Nicholi. And the Schillers. And the Sowers.

Okay so while I was at the Nicholi, Sarah had a surprise for me. Well, it wasn’t from her. It was from someone else. Sarah was just the deliverer. It was from Lauren Rowbotham. Her name sounded incredibly familiar. BUT GUESS WHAT?!?! She made me the most wonderful masterpiece! A true work of art! It’s a picture/drawing/etching/i-don’t-now-what-to-call-it of a flamingo on a unicycle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s AMAZING!!!! I’m trying to find a frame for it so I can put it up in my newly-decorated amazing room! It goes perfectly! Lauren Rowbotham is so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lauren made my day.

So to sum up….here’s how the day making went…

I made Raspbana’s day.

Lauren made my day.

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