Wonderful day all around.

Today I did my chores as usual. Clean my room, bathroom, and vacuum the house. Then I showered and got ready to go get Ikpeaku for a girl’s day. I had to pick her up from the stake center because she was at the stake young women’s basketball tournament. I went early because I heard white oak was playing tomball, so I wanted to go see Sarah play. But right when I walked in, Sarah was taken out of the game and the game ended 2 minutes later. And I didn’t even get to see Lauren play, either!!! SAD. After I said hi to Jenn Nix, I went and said hi to white oak ladies and then went up on the stage and sat with Sister Sears and Julie Bishop. But mainly to say hi to little Bailey! But Bailey was tired. Oh, white oak ended up winning…so they had to stay and play the championship game against Lakewood. Anyways, I was sitting there eating my mandarin oranges out of my red cup, and I was talking to Lauren. And then I saw Sarah standing in the corner with  her friend so I went and said hi and asked when they were leaving. They said they were waiting for Sister Nix to take them home. Knowing Jenn would probably be a while, I offered to take them home! Because I love Sarah! And I got to meet her friend Paige, who is on her basketball team, so it turns out I’ve seen her before when I have gone to Sarah’s games!

So I took Sarah and Paige home, and then went back to the church to watch the rest of the game. I ended up taking pictures for Julie because Bailey had fallen asleep on her =) I love taking pictures! White Oak won the game….White Oak ward is the 2010 Cypress Texas Stake Young Women’s Basketball Champion!!!!!!! Woot Woot!!!

So then Ikpeaku and I left and went to see Avatar! I FINALLY GOT TO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! And the projector didn’t break this time. And we didn’t change our mind this time. And I actually got to see the movie! It was really good. We were there early so we walked around the theater for a while…and got popcorn and i got a bottle of juice and Ikpeaku had her Gatorade from the game. When we sat down for the movie, of course I was so excited to finally see it. Now, it’s a three-hour movie…..and I had juice…and I was thirsty…so I drank it within the first hour. So halfway through the movie I had to pee…really bad…..DANG IT! But I tried my darndest to hold it in…but when you gotta pee like a racehorse it’s hard to watch a movie! Somehow, though, I was able to do it. And as soon as the movie was over we raced to the bathroom….which is a whole other story…

So I’m washing my hands in the bathroom and there’s a girl next to me (nothing out of the ordinary). She turns to me and….

Her: Can I ask you a question?
Me: Of course!
Her: Do you always dress like that?
Me: YES! I wear different colors every day. Today is pink and red day, so I’m wearing pink and red obviously. Each day is a different color.
Her: Really?
Me: yeah!
Her: I have another question…
Me: What?
Her: Can I take a picture of you?
Me: Of course! But only if I can get a picture with you on my camera afterwards!
Her: ….okay…..
(so here she gets out her phone and takes a picture of my whole outfit)
(then I get out my camera and turn to some random lady who’s been watching this whole thing happen and…)
Me: Will you take a picture of us?
Random Lady: Sure!
Me: Thanks!
(then some little girl walks up)
Little Girl: Can I be in the picture too?
Her: This is my sister. Do you mind if she’s in the picture?
Me: Not at all! come on! The more the merrier!
(*snap* the picture is taken)
Her: Thanks!
Me: You’re welcome!

Here’s the picture…….

Okay so then we left and went to Imaginations to paint…we were about to start painting when Bill called and said I had to come home at 6:30 because Sheila had a surprise for me. It was like 5:45 when he called, so we decided to go see the surprise and then come back and paint. SO when we got to my house I was led upstairs….and there was a note on my door…..so I read it…and tried to hold back my tears…then I opened my door and MY ROOM WAS ALL SO AMAZING!!!!!!!! Happy early birthday to me! But then they had me look at my bathroom…and once again…amazing!!!!!!!!!! Then they brought me back into my room and when i walked further in…I was basically balling!

Here’s some pics…

click on them to see them bigger….


So what you need to do is come over to my house and see my amazing room and “ooh” and “aah” at it with me. And then be amazed with me. And then we can make cookies and eat them! And then look at my room more!

I am SO HAPPY. Mama Sheila, Mama Terry, Raspbana, and BF2 are amazing. They helped with my room…and I absolutely love it. And them. I am really having a hard time writing this blog post because I can’t think of words to express how I feel (which is a problem I’m working on…expressing my feelings….my therapist is helping me with that! lol it’s true!). BUT in this case, I seriously believe that WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE HOW I FEEL. But this is as close as I can get (this is what I texted to Raspbana, BF2, and Mama Terry) “Thank you so so so so much! Times infinity!! I want to hug you FOREVER and cry happy tears in your shoulder! My room is amazingly amazing! Like you!!” And that’s seriously the closest I can get to describing how amazing I feel!!!!!!!!


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2 responses to “Wonderful day all around.

  1. Rebekah

    AWESOME CHLOE! AN awesome room for an AWESOME girl!! SO happy for you!!

  2. Tricia

    What a wonderful surprise for a young lady who doesn’t like surprises!! 😉 They have been working on this project for EVER and it was so funny watching Sheila work out how to hide things. And fun watching her plan and plan and work and work and paint and paint… you get the picture!! Oh wait – you got the ROOM!!! Enjoy it and appreciate it – I know you do. And I get to see it in person tomorrow!!!!

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