Nice Kids

I like nice kids. Today, Lucas and I were playing at the park. Usually we’re the only 2 people there, but this time there were more! Anyways…there were these two boys wrestling in the rocks…one was about 6 and the other about 2. And there was also a girl, probably about 7. And there were 2 moms and a little boy a bit younger than Luke. Anywho….so Lucas saw the boys wrestling in the rocks, and he just stood there and watched. Then he laid down in the rocks away from them and rolled around…and then got up and watched them again. And then rolled around again. And then got up and got two handfuls of rocks and threw them at the boys. The boys were startled and I apologized for Lucas and the older boy said “It’s okay. I know he didn’t mean it. I have a little brother just like that. He’s over there.”

ISN’T THAT AWESOME! What a nice kid!! Then he and his sister played with Lucas and I….it was so great =)

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