Lunch with “Lora”

We had our ritual Chick-Fil-A lunch with Ms. Hollister today! But this time her truck was in the shop, so we picked her up. Anyways…here’s some of what happened…****She’s married now and her name will soon be officially changed to “Mrs. Clay”…but she said it’s about time I start calling her “Lora”, so I’m going to try my darndest. It’ll just be weird.****Lucas BIT his fork in half. We laughed our heads off and poor Lukie was confused out of his mind.****Clara said “mommy’s gonna be a teacher…and then we’re gonna be rich!”.****Lora (weird) got out her phone and I said “it’s pretty!” and then she showed it to Lucas and he reached for it and she let him touch it. Then I said “it’s pretty AND dirty!” And then she let him hold it. And I said “bad idea” and she was like “oh yeah” and so she tried to take it back from him and i said “good luck!” and she was like “yeah, you can tell I haven’t been around kids lately”…it was funny.****Clara was looking at the advertisement display on the table, and was confused because it said “Cowgratulations” and we explained that Chick-Fil-A uses cows to advertise and we explained why. Then she decided that we all needed cow names…So here’s what we got…Natalie is “Cow-alie”….Lucas is “Cow-cas”…Clara is “Cow-ra”…Chloe is “Cow-oe”…and Ms. Hollister is “Ms. Cow-lister”…but it gets better…Clara was talking and she said “Well Ms. HhhHhhCowlister didn’t [something]”…and that’s the name that stuck….so Ms. Hollister is now “Ms. HhhHhhCowlister”….****when we were in my car, I opened the glove compartment to get out a pen, and Lora saw that I had a ton of stuff in there…and she told me that I have a “very mom car”…could it be the pen? the small notebook? the chapstick? the cheetos? the gum? the first aid kit? the deposit slips? the bank lollipops? the phone charger? the tissues? the wet wipes? the many other things? lol yes I’d say I DO have a “very mom car”…I just never called it that, haha!


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2 responses to “Lunch with “Lora”

  1. Lori

    Gotta love kids’ thinking mechanisms!

  2. Maricarmen

    made me laugh. very cute. 🙂

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