Lauren’s Bridal Shower

Today was a good day! My lesson in Relief Society went wonderfully. The topic was “Jesus Christ, our Chosen Leader and Savior”

And this afternoon I made Lauren’s gift for her shower! I bought a very nice frame from Hobby Lobby, then I SMASHED IT WITH A HAMMER!! Well, sorta. I aged it…by hitting it with things and sanding it. Then I decorated the matte (spelling?) with dark red and teal. I put three of their engagement photos in it….MAN! It doesn’t sound very impressive when I’m trying to explain it…..but I am very proud of it because I think it looked AMAZING! After I wrapped it up, I realized that I’d forgotten to get a picture of it…..dang it!

I did have a lot of fun at her shower, though. I had a little mini-reunion with some people from Ridge…namely Carmen Luz, Renee, and Carol. When I drove up, I parked in front of another Jetta…and when I got out I saw that Renee had just gotten out of it! She said she figured it was me because of the flamingos on the car…..and it was cool because Carmen Luz parked right in front of me…talk about perfect timing!


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4 responses to “Lauren’s Bridal Shower

  1. Adrianna

    Hey girl, I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy reading your posts on cnet. I hope you didn’t think I was a stalker for admitting I vote for you right off the bat, but I honestly think you are just so warm and inviting to all new posters, and that really means a lot. Sorry, didn’t have an email addy to send this to so I thought I’d let you know here hehe 🙂

    • I would NEVER think you were a stalker! lol
      I’m so glad you checked out my blog!
      And you can comment here any time you like!! I love hearing from you on cnet, and I’d love to hear from you here, too!
      On my blog….you’ll NEVER run out of posts for the day! Haha

  2. Adrianna

    Good! Thank you! I felt bad this week for trying to, um, well argue isn’t the word I’m going for but I really needed to vent on the other members essentially getting the shaft. I don’t mean to drag all of you guys into it by mentioning you but I really would prefer to see the people who I’ve been reading for the last few months get a chance to win as well. I hope I get to congratulate you very soon!!! 🙂

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