I got a phone call from a wonderful friend today…Courtney McDonough! I was surprised when I heard my ringtone (the BYU fight song) blaring…because who ever calls me? But then I was SO EXCITED to see a picture of Courtney when I looked at my phone… I HAD to answer it!!! I’m going to have to call her back tomorrow because I couldn’t talk at the time…..but oh how I love Court!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh by the way….this is us 2 years ago…..

Haha I just realized that that picture was taken on my bed! Why was Courtney eating her food on my bed? Oh wait…that’s probably because she was getting me back for always laying on HER bed just for the heck of it.

And here’s another one….well…this one is just her…but that’s okay…..she’s awesome! I mean ballin…she’s ballin…

And here’s what happened with the next one..

Chloe: Hi Courtney!

Courtney: Chloe! Get out of my face!

Chloe: FINE!

I’m sure that Courtney is going to LOVE these pictures… 😉

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