Broken Plates

So here’s what happened…..Sheila is getting ready for her Valentine’s Day party tonight. So she needs to get down the clear glass plates from the cupboard above the fridge. So she’s standing on a stool and she gets them and hands them to me. There’s 24, so we did it in 3 trips.

And then we have to get the small clear glass plates, which are luckily just in boxes. There’s two boxes…she hands me the first one and I put in on the counter….she’s in the process of handing me the second box when all the plates fall out of the bos…2 crash onto the counter…and shatter…and the other ten somehow stay in a neat stack and fall straight onto my big toe on my right foot. And they shatter. All over the kitchen. JOY.

Sheila was pretty upset. I was pretty much laughing about the whole thing. If you don’t laugh at yourself, somebody else will.

Just FYI….The ivory-colored-plate-looking-things are the paper things that were sandwiched inbetween each glass plate….


Isn’t it all so pretty?

It was ALL OVER THE KITCHEN FLOOR. And the counter…..

This is the pile of everything I swept up from all around the kitchen….

The good news is..this all happened while Lucas was taking his nap upstairs!!! I’m so glad we didn’t have to deal with keeping him out of the kitchen while we cleaned it all up!

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One response to “Broken Plates

  1. Lori

    Unfortunately you might be finding teeny weeny pieces and slivers for months…Take care!

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