As the title of this post suggests….OH MAN. I’ve been so busy! And it’s not like I’m busy busy…just busy busy! (to understand that, you’d have to hear my tone when I say it…..so just pretend like you get it)

I don’t even know what to post…I didn’t even post yesterday….

I’m so tired! It’s late and I’m wanting to go to bed.

So I’ll just say this……I’ve been watching American Idol for the first time ever! This is the first season I’ve ever watched (I’ve seen like 2 episodes TOTAL of all the seasons past)! I’m loving it!! And the fact that Ellen is on just makes it so much better =)

OH SOMETHING ELSE!!! I came home yesterday to a wonderful surprise! Sheila and Shell painted my bathroom pink!!! It matches the pink wall in my bedroom (the one Raspbana painted)….and it’s so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!

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