So I just realized that I didn’t post yesterday….but I can explain….I was sick!

I woke up not feeling so great, but I went to church anyways…but when I got home it was just worse so I went to sleep…and woke up feeling worse…..I felt like I had to barf constantly……so Sheila took great care of me.

I stayed home from work today to recuperate…BORING!!

I’ve been so hungry since I barely ate yesterday. Sheila, being the wonderful mama that she is, isn’t letting me eat delicious stuff…..I’m stuck with chicken noodle soup and crackers. Oh, and eggs.

Raspbana you’ll understand this…..I’ve been comforted by the taste and crunch of goldfish.

I was so incredibly bored today. Not to mention I’ve only been awake for a handful of hours total today….but while I was awake I was bored! I watched Everybody Loves Raymond, The Devil Wears Prada, and Bones….but I have to say this…I really missed hanging out with my kiddos!

And get this…even though I’m feeling better, Sheila still won’t let me have peanut M&M’s…(stink) 😉

The good news is I’ll be back at work (if you really wanna call it work….play is more like it!) tomorrow! I’m excited!

Oh and tonight I might be helping Ikpeaku with her photo shoot for school. That should be fun!


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2 responses to “eew….sick…

  1. I love your blog:) it made me really happy and also a little sad:/ I was a nanny for two years and i miss those kids! There was a 4/5 year old girl and her 8/9 year old autistic brother. She and i would go to the mall all the time and walk around and spray on fun stuff and look at interesting stores….and off course we would watch icarly! lol such fun times:):)
    I would have commented back on cnet too but alas i was out of posts, i shall leave one tomorrow:):)

    • Thanks for checking it out Allison! I hope you continue to stop by and read often!

      I know what you mean about missing your kiddos….I’m so sad that I won’t be with them constantly when I move next year! They are my joy and my life!

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