Women of God

Today was the Stake Relief Society Women’s Conference. The theme was “Women of God.” IT WAS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. I take notes a lot at all sorts of things….here’s what I wrote from today…

  • Make the best out of EVERY situation
  • Relief Society is for us forever
  • Never, never, never underestimate the power that is within us as women
  • Women and men are a team
  • the Relief Society and the Preisthood need eachother
  • The men and women who desire to obtain seats in the Celestial kingdom will find that they must battle every day
  • There is no room for unhappiness when you have the Savior in your life
  • Satan throws every roadblock in your path to stop you from doing the work you were sent here to do
  • we are so blessed to be women
  • women are resourceful and amazing
  • answer the call
  • To-Do list: Love God. Love others
  • love people who are different than yourself
  • we all have a need for our Savior
  • hold on to your faith — anchor deep
  • “Hey Butterfly, there is a beautiful woman under your feet!”
  • praise the Lord all the day long and don’t murmur
  • all that was promised the Saints will be given
  • He is NOT going to turn his back on us now
  • look at each and every person with spiritual eyes
  • look at yourself the way Heavenly Father sees you
  • look at others the way Heavenly Father sees them
  • with all ouf our weaknesses and inadequacies, our Heavenly Father can still use us
  • Mark 10:27
  • Music can change your heart immediately
  • “Pioneer children sang as they walked, and walked, and walked, and walked”…”put your shoulder to the wheel”…”come, come ye Saints”
  • Psalms 102
  • listen to the music in nature
  • give your heart to the Lord
  • have a willing heart
  • lean to sing with your heart
  • music can make miracles in your life
  • the Savior has given us music for a purpose and a reason

Heartbound was the special guest and they taught the mini-classes. Here’s their website: http://www.heartboundmusic.com/

If you don’t know what Relief Society is…YOU’RE TOTALLY MISSING OUT ON A WONDERFUL THING!…..go here to learn more!!! http://www.lds.org/pa/display/0,17884,4689-1,00.html

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