*sigh* today!

I took my first biology test today….and I got a 97! Woot Woot!

And I made a delicious strawberry cake for Bobby for his birthday….gotta love Bobby! (ignore the toothpicks…they were there to keep the plastic wrap off the cake…)

This is Lucas reading his book while we wait in the carpool line to pick up the girls from school.

this is clara playing with lucas…

Natalie said “why don’t we get a picture by this wall?” so, we did.

Clara wanted to pose with the pink people…

and then natalie wanted to….

then we tried on hats at the store with the sparkly floor…

then we made our rounds in the food court for free samples. here…this is them drinking a smoothie sample….AFTER i had this conversation with the man that was working there:

man: do you want to try our smoothie?
chloe: yes please! girls do you want some?
natalie and clara: yes!
chloe: does it have any milk in it?
man: no
chloe: does it have soy?
man: no
chloe: awesome! so it’s just made with fruit, ice, and what else?
man: there’s yogurt, too
chloe: so it does have milk…
man: no. yogurt. but not milk.
chloe: what kind of yogurt, then?
man: uhm…vanilla?
chloe: so it’s regular yogurt?
man: uhhh…yeah…?
chloe: then it does have milk
man: no it doesn’t
chloe: but yogurt is made with milk
man: but there’s no milk in it.
chloe: but there’s milk in the yogurt. and there’s yogurt in the smoothie. so there’s milk in the smoothie.
man: but we didn’t put any milk in it.
chloe: nevermind. thanks.

then we went to build-a-bear as usual…I WANT THE NEW ICARLY BEAR SO BAD!!! AND THE SOUND THAT GOES WITH IT! AND THE OUTFIT! AND THE ACCESSORIES! So we listened to the song and did a dance. Well, I did a dance…and clara joined in…and natalie informed us that people were watching…but why do we care? WE DON’T! So we kept dancing. Well, clara and I did. Natalie just stood there taking pictures and pretending like she didn’t know us.

apparently Natalie felt it was necessary to get a picture of the button that is pushed to produce the beautiful sound of a song that is icarly…

then we went to bath and body works and did what we usually do there…wash our hands, put on lotion, put on body spray…and put on lip gloss! So while we were waiting for natalie to choose which lotion she wanted, clara was looking at the pictures of the ladies hanging from the ceiling….and she commented on one…i forgot what she said…but anyways…and then she looks to the side and sees another picture…and gets all excited…and points to it…and jumps…and says “AND THAT ONE LOOKS LIKE RASPBANA!!!”

this is the one she thought looked like raspbana….(ignore the glare on the hand from my flash…)

if you don’t know what raspbana looks like….you’re missing out.

but just incase you were wondering…she’s the one on the right in the next picture…the one that’s hearing no evil…

anyways…..then we went to old navy because it had the closest bathroom…so while natalie did that…clara wanted to try on shoes…because they were right in front of her…and they were sparkly. she couldn’t find her size so she tried on a one. She put it on her foot then yelped out with pain. so she took it off. and searched for her size again. 64 seconds later, she yells out “TWO! There’s one for my big humongous feet!!” It was AWESOME. so she tried them on and they fit perfectly! then i told her to take them off because we had to go…what a great nanny, right? (BUT THEY WERE SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!)



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2 responses to “*sigh* today!

  1. Lori

    YEP!…other than being the parents or grandparents, you do have the best job in the world!!!!!

  2. Mamachica

    You have many posts I haven’t read before so I’m enjoying catching up! You are so fun!

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