I like finding things. Finds are fun. Like today…I have this little notebook in my purse that I write random things in when I need to write a note….it’s really little. Anyways, I got it out today to write an address down….and I hadn’t used it for a while….so I was looking through it, and I found some good quotes….

“You’re better than Chinese people because you’re taller than them.”  –Clara


“Flossing is when you pull strings through your teeth.” –Junie B. Jones


Junie B. Jones: Girls can be anything boys can be!

Natalie: Yeah, except for preists!


haha good times


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3 responses to “Finds

  1. Lori

    You hold the cherished thoughts of 2 little girls in your mind and little black book…thanks for sharing some of these thoughts with me…

  2. aww junie b. cute. good find =]

    • I LOVE Junie B. Jones! Natalie and Clara would always read me hilarious excerpts from the books, so we decided to listen to them in the car! We get the books on tape (well, books on CD) from the library and listen to them…and crack up….she’s great!

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