Mr. 5:45am

Lucas woke up at 5:45 this morning, apparently. Regardless, he had a great day! We went to the children’s museum! He fell asleep on the way there, but with we got there at 10, he was ready to play! He played hard for 3 hours until we went and ate lunch at 1. He’s so good!

I enjoy the Tot Spot at the Children’s Museum. But some things bother me there. For example…some mothers don’t let their kids explore. This girl (we’ll call her Suzy) was playing with a ball. Well, she was holding it and just staring at it and turning it slowly in her hands. Suzy was probably about Lukie’s age…18 months old. Suzy’s mom apparently decided that she’d been sitting there holding the ball long enough, so she told Suzy to put the ball down, then picked her up and took her to another activity. Now, please tell me…what was wrong with Suzy just sitting there holding the ball? She was exploring it! Children need to discover things on their own, I believe.

I just let Lucas go where he wants when we’re there. I follow him from a distance, just to keep an eye on him, but I don’t direct any of his activities. And when it comes to interacting with the other children, I highly encourage it! Some of the moms there seem to want to keep their kid away from everyone else…but I want Lucas to learn how to socialize!

On the way to get the girls from school, Lucas fell asleep…but awoke as soon as I got him out of the car to stop by my house to pick something up! He was so good today, though. Even at the library. Let’s hope for the same attitude from him tomorrow! And let’s also hope that he doesn’t earn the “Mr. 5:45am” title once again.

OH!!! And get this…I was sitting on the floor by another mom and my legs were out in front of me. She said “I see that you have the same problem I’ve had recently…you can never find matching socks!”   To which I responded “actually, I do this on purpose.”   “Oh” she said, a little surprised. I said “My shoes also don’t match. It’s more fun this way. And I get to wear more of my socks and shoes more often.”   She tried to recover from her confusion by saying “I always lose socks in the dryer so I have a hard time finding matching pairs.”   Not to let her off the hook, I said “I don’t really ever lose socks. I just choose to not match them.”   It was great. I love conversations like that.


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4 responses to “Mr. 5:45am

  1. Lori

    Chloe, you are doing all the right things and could probably teach a “Mom 101” class…you are bright, courageous, enlightened, and absolutely terrific with my grandchildren….btw, did you get the “flying frog” yet?
    Thanks for being “YOU”!

    • Thank you so much! I’ve had a lot of experience, so that’s a big help! And no…I have not gotten the flying frog yet….I’m guessing you sent it to my house? I’ll let you know when it arrives!

  2. Danielle

    See?!?!?!?! THIS is why we love you so!

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