Something to wear

I LOVE rainboots

Oh and you like my skirt? I made it!

Like this skirt?? I made it also!


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4 responses to “Something to wear

  1. Veronica Stumpf

    Hi BYU/Miss I don’t know your actual name >.< This is Veronica from CollegeNET…checking out your blog like you said (sorry, I like to ready everybody's profile before I vote). I wanted to drop on by and say that I love your sense of fashion!!! I'm jealous of your skirt-making skills. Do you sew them with a sewing machine or by hand? My sewing machine always breaks on me.

    Good luck with the scholarship. I'm rooting for you! =D

    • I didn’t realize I didn’t put my name anywhere! lol well it’s Chloe. I’m Chloe!
      I use a machine….ALL THE WAY! I wouldn’t even attempt to do it by hand…lol but I LOVE making skirts. I have a ton of fabric that I got a few months ago with skirts in mind…hopefully I’ll get them done soon!

  2. Veronica Stumpf

    …/gasp I’m so jealous! You are very talented at sewing. I hope you keep up with it!

    Hahaha yes, I was reading a forum on CNET about everybody’s favorite names and I finally read that your name is Chloe, which reminded me that I asked you on this site a couple weeks ago. Ooops!

    Honestly, I love the name Chloe! I met my friend in kindergarten and figured I would be best friends with her for years because her name was Chloe and I liked it. Oh yeah…and it was my cat’s name. >.< lol I was was one weird little girl.

    • I have so much fabric that I bought about 6 months ago specifically for skirts. I hope to get back into doing it soon! I need (want) more!

      And thanks! I love my name, too! LOL people usually tell me they have (or know) a dog or cat named Chloe and I’m like “that’s nice…now you know a PERSON named Chloe, too!” And there’s NOTHING wrong with being a “weird little girl” lol I’m a “weird big girl”!!!

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