Poor Baby…

Lucas had a pretty hard day. Poor baby!

We went to playgroup today, and he was the only boy there. Everyone was supposed to bring a toy to share with everyone else…he brought his keyboard…which was a big hit! The other main thing was My Little Pony…but he enjoyed the balls that Aurora brought! He didn’t quite make friends with the other kids….because he kept trying to be Rocky and hit the balls out of their hands.

We went to my house and he took a nap after playgroup. But he was woken up early by a salesperson who rang the doorbell AND knocked loudly AND made the dogs bark. Thanks for nothing. And NO. We DON’T want what you have to sell us.

THEN, after lunch, we dropped off Bill at the Dodge dealership, which Lucas quite enjoyed because of his deep admiration for Bill.

But then when Lucas and I went to get my oil changed in my car, he wasn’t a happy camper. It’s a drive-thru one so we just stay in the car and then do it all right there. So we were in the car for like 15-20 minutes…..and i had his diaper bag in the trunk…and he kept asking for his agua…which was in the trunk…so needless to say i couldn’t get if for him, so he proceeded to scream. I’m pretty sure they thought I was torturing the kid.

Then we had to go pick up the girls from school. I gave him his water, though! But it wasn’t what he wanted. Now he wanted milk. So he had a fit for 20 minutes while we waited in the carpool line for the girls. Natalie is so sweet with him. She tried to console him, but to no avail. He just wanted his milk.

When we got home he FINALLY got milk…FINALLY! And then the girls and I were doing a craft at the table, and Lucas was trying to eat his snack, but he couldn’t make up his mind as to what he wanted, and he wanted to be held, but he didn’t want to be held, so I finally decided that I’d had enough and I put on Rocky.

Rocky solves everything.

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