If I ever mention “Luke-friendly” this is what it means…anything that is soy-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, fish-free, and dust-free.

Lucas is allergic to all that…, obviously, he can only have “Luke-friendly” things.

HE LOVES TO BAKE! Today we made Luke-friendly sugar cookies. They were so delicious! It was so funny when we were cutting them out because i had him bang on the cookie cutter, then he’d stick his fingers right into the cookie….so we had a lot of holes to patch up before they could go in the oven.

AND when I’d turn around to put the cookies on the cookie sheet, he stuffed dough into his mouth….good for him! lol

When it came time to make the icing, he quite enjoyed getting THAT all over his face also.

I need to make him a little apron!

But I really do love baking with him. An 18-month old boy that loves to bake…and is a clean freak…and loves grooming himself…*sigh*


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