Lucas is definitely getting back to his old self! His appetite is back, at least. For breakfast he ate a whole thing of yogurt (goats milk yogurt, of course) and a whole packet of oatmeal. Good boy!

Sheila was just WONDERFUL today! She took me to Coldwater Creek and she bought me some warm sweaters/tops! She bought them for me! That’s a lot! I really appreciate it when she surprises me like that. I DO hate surprises, but I didn’t know this one was coming. I got a lot of cute stuff…and it’s all warm! I didn’t really have any warm clothes, but now I do!

Have YOU ever been to Coldwater Creek? If not, you should definitely go. The customer service is EXCEPTIONAL! They’re so friendly and extremely helpful. I had a lot of fun there!

We went to Which Wich for dinner today! It’s my favorite! If you haven’t been…GO!!!! I’ll go with you. Your treat. =)

I ended up buying my books for Biology today. I spent $274.17! Two I had to buy through the school, but one I bought a digital copy of, and the other I bought on eBay. I’m glad Sheila told me to shop around! She knows best. OH and I also bought Microsoft Office today so I can have all of those programs. I was able to find a student discount, so yay for me! Yay for looking around!

MY PRINTER CAME IN THE MAIL! Tomorrow I’m going to enjoy setting it up…I’M SO EXCITED!!

My best friend Sarah Hajjar got glasses! She sent me a picture…now we’ve BOTH got ’em!

I have been LOVING this cold weather. It’s amazing! Except my pinky finger is always cold! And my left more than my right. It’s so weird. And annoying! I can be totally fine, except my pinky finger is usually the coldest. =( And if it’s not my pinky finger, it’s the tip of my big Stevens nose.


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