Another Day

Sweet Lukie is still wanting to cuddle all the time. I love it. Except for the drool spot on my shoulder. Which also includes some snot because of his runny nose from teething. Yum.

Today, I could feel my sock becoming trash as I walked. Every step I took, the hole around my big toe got bigger. It wasn’t there this morning! It was just ALMOST a hole! By the time I got home my whole big toe was exposed, so, needless to say, that sock is in the trash.

Since it’s Tuesday, I just have Lucas all day. The girls have swim lessons after school, so Danielle picks them up from school takes them to swim lessons…so I just have Lucas! Which I don’t mind at all!

Lucas and I had a good day, I must say! He ate most of his lunch, which was exciting! We also went to the library because I had something on hold, and he just let me hold him and he laid on my shoulder the WHOLE TIME! And we also went and picked up my friend Ikpeaku and took her to her basketball game….she’s so awesome. They played Cy-Ridge today. So I was torn…do I stick to my home school and root for Ridge, or do I support my friend and root for Cy-Creek? I decided to go with Creek, so I wished her luck and Lucas and I headed to his house. He promptly fell asleep. When we got to his house 30 minutes later, he was OUT, so I carried him upstairs but, naturally, he didn’t go back to sleep. But he DID let me rock him for like 30 minutes! That was nice =)

After work I went to Sarah Stevens’s house. Shehni came also! It was a lot of fun. We made cheesecake and cookies. We made 3 small cheesecakes instead of a big one so we could each have one to take home. I haven’t eaten it yet, but I’m excited to! It had to be in the fridge for four stinkin’ hours. Oh well. It should be delicious! And Sister Stevens made yummy chili and cornbread for dinner! It was good!

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