First Monday

Happy first Monday of 2010! The day I go back to work!

The girls started school again today. Natalie and Clara…sweet dears!

Poor Lucas is teething again….so he was understandably grumpy and uncomfortable. He usually has  a HUGE appetite, but hasn’t eaten a lot lately. I hope his teeth just hurry up and come! Poor Lukie! But he was SO good today! We went to Wal-Mart to pick up pictures…he was wonderful! He was his usual self saying “Hi” to everyone! Then I had a doctor appt and he was SO good there, too! I love this boy. He just sat next to me and played with my keys while I read Cy-Fair magazine. Fun stuff. Everyone thought he was the greatest, naturally.

Then we went to the mall, where he was great once again. Then we had to go pick up Natalie and Clara from school. He got tired of sitting in the car, as usual, but oh well.

Monday is library day, so we went to the Cy-Fair library! But first we had to go to the bookstore so I could get my textbooks. I’m taking Biology online through the community college this coming semester. There’s FOUR books I need for this class…it comes to a grand total of $316.85 =( man being out of school for two years, I had forgotten how expensive they are! But really…$316.85 for USED books for ONE class? DANG. Needless to say, if you would like to help me pay for the books feel free! Just send me a check for any amount you wish! A blank check, even!

As usual, the library was great. I love that we each have our own card (with the exception of Lucas…him and I share). First we return our books from last week, and they give me the ones they want to renew. Then we go check if we have anything on hold. They go to the “So” section and I go to the “Pa” section. Surprisingly, none of us had anything today! Usually there’s AT LEAST 10 things between the three of us! Anyways, then they have about 20 or so minutes to themselves in the children’s library. They seem to spend half of it looking for books, and the other half requesting books online so they’ll be here next time we come. I’m glad I taught them to do that….or else I’d be doing it all for them! They’re very fast learners. Luke and I usually just stroll around the children’s library or play on the computer while they do their thing.

Lucas is always so good at the library. As long as he’s got food, he’s happy! Today he had Kix. Yum for his tum!

I got a lot done today! While Luke was napping, I applied to BYU as a “former student”. The nice thing about it is I don’t have to write any essay or anything like I did the first time…because I’ve been there, done that for this AMAZING school. I’m pretty sure I’ll get in, but I don’t think I should be SO confident.

Today, I also started to fill out my FAFSA so I can apply for federal aid! More fun…yay for the government!

And when I got home today, I continued my scholarship search. I’m finding a lot! I just don’t qualify for a lot of them….but some I do! Luckily! Now if only I can win them….


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2 responses to “First Monday

  1. Danielle

    Sweet Chloe, I just love how you blog about our kids. I could say ‘my’ kids, but I realize that I am blessed with the opportunity to share them with you, so they’re ‘our’ kids. You’re just the best nanny on the planet and we love you.

    Can’t wait to read more!

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