Long Day

I was actually out of bed and downstairs by 8:30 today! I made pancakes for Sheila and I…Bill was at the gun show. I made 2 blueberry pancakes for myself, but the rest were chocolate chip…yum!

Every saturday is cleaning day…so today was no different. Yesterday Sheila and I spray painted all my shelves black, and today we glossed them. They’re great! I should be putting them up tomorrow…or monday…just depends =) but i can’t wait to see it all finished! My room will look so great! I’ll have to post pics when it’s all said and done.

I was quite productive today, I must say! I did my weekly chores (room and bathroom and vacuum the house) and then some extras! I even organized some of my room, my bathroom closet, and my iTunes!

But I’m pooped. And sore for some reason. Why do my legs hurt??? sad.

We went and ate at E-Star Chinese Buffet tonight. It was so packed…I’ve never seen it that busy! My fortune cookie was lame…. “You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist”

I’ve also been scholarship hunting lately. FUN.

OH and yesterday I applied for the “Big Brother Big Sister” program. Hopefully they’ll call me next week so I can hopefully get started! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and now I actually can!

I’m quite enjoying this blogging thing. But I must wonder…is anyone even reading this? Anyone? Are you out there?


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3 responses to “Long Day

  1. Lori

    Yes, dear, I’ve been reading and am impressed.

  2. Rasobana hoT

    I am reading and enjoying! Keep it up!

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