Party Animal

Here’s how last night went…

Sheila, Bill, and I watched Up and ate appetizer foods…pizza rolls, chips and queso, taquitos, etc.

We were done by 10:pm

We went downstairs and “toasted in the new year” early

Then went our separate ways to bed.

We’re such party animals.

I went up to my room, and got ready for bed. Then I got my lap top and took it to my bed, thinking that I’d just check my facebook and then go to sleep. But the annoyingly loud people outside my window had other plans for me. I could’ve slept through their noise, but I chose not to. By now, it was 11:pm and there were already fireworks exploding.

So I opted to stay up till midnight just for the heck of it. I guess just for the experience of being awake when 2010 made its appearance. But the thing is it is kinda pointless because in some places, the miraculous change had already come and gone. To someone else, it was already 2010. But I still had an hour to go.

I played Majhong Titans, a game on my computer I seem to be addicted to, who knows how many times. And I played checkers once and lost miserably. All the while jamming to David Archuleta on iTunes (props to BF2). By 11:30 I had a hard time keeping my eyes open, so I decided to actually sit up and try to stay awake. Midnight came and went, and the fireworks got louder. Then I turned off my computer and went to sleep.

But then just as I was dozing off, I got a text message “Happy New Year!” and then I realized that probably wasn’t the end of it. So I put my phone on silent for a peaceful night.

When I woke up the next morning, around 10:30 am, I checked my phone only to see that I had about 20 “Happy New Year” texts. The best one was from my boss. It was a picture of Natalie and Clara in their flamingo pajamas with pointy hats on and classic “them” faces. Love those kiddos!

So I ventured downstairs and ate my 2 leftover chocolate chip pancakes. They were delicious all over again. Love you Lindsey Muir!

Later today we’re going to see Avatar in 3D. We’ll see…..

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