Today we went to see Avatar in 3D with Joseph and Maiko. The first five minutes were great! Then the projector broke and everyone got their money back. So many people were angry, mad, frustrated, etc. I can see why. But still. It’s technology. It happens! I am always amazed by technology, and it always has it’s bugs. Like then! Come on people. There are so many amazing things around you. Don’t get so upset over a movie.

After that, we went and ate at The Black Labrador. I’d never been there before. It’s an English Pub place I think. It was pretty good! I got a bowl of baked potato soup, which was incredibly delicious. Except I didn’t quite like the chives. Next time I’ll take those out. And I tried one of Joseph’s french fries…and it was delicious! So I also ordered a side of french fries…with ranch, of course! I was pretty quiet tonight because I just didn’t have an opinion on the topic of conversation. They were talking about extended family most of the time…and I know nothing about who they were talking about, so I just kinda sat there. Good times.


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3 responses to “Avatar

  1. Maricarmen

    The Black Lab is a cute place. (It’s really close to my apt btw…)
    Oh, and if you haven’t had the opportunity to finish Avatar yet, you must. šŸ™‚

  2. Hi, first I want to say great blog. I don’t always agree with your posts but it’s always a great read.
    Keep up the nice blogging.

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